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Water Treatment

Chemical water treatment is provided by Aquatech, a division of Entech. Aquatech sets themselves apart from other chemical water treatment companies by providing a greater degree of service than our competitors. Aquatech has the ability to diagnose chiller problems with in-house expertise. Aquatech is able to alert customers regarding potential mechanical problems, which can result in savings.

What is Water Treatment?

Water treatment is the addition of certain chemical compounds to the heating or air conditioning system to inhibit corrosion and scale formation. Algae and bacterial control is recommended for cooling towers and closed loop systems. These treatments result in operating savings and increased equipment life.

Water Treatment Services Provided

Aquatech formulates safe and effective chemicals to combat corrosion, prevent scale buildup and limit the growth of algae in heating and air conditioning applications.

Aquatech compounds are available for the following applications:

  • Cooling towers
  • Boilers
  • Closed loop systems
  • Fountains

What sets Aquatech apart?

Aquatech is recognized for unsurpassed service. On-site inspections, including cooling tower visual inspections, are performed semi-monthly for standard water treatment contracts. Treatment compounds are tested, developed, and formulated by Aquatech and feature high-stress chemical formulations. These formulations incorporate the latest and most effective water treatment technologies which yield excellent results in high cycles of concentration. This process reduces water usage.