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Building Automation

A Building Automation System is comprised of systems such as HVAC Controls, Temperature Controls, Direct Digital Controls, Environmental Monitoring & Control and Energy Management.

The Entech Team is extensively educated, trained, experienced and committed. Therefore we are able to provide our customers with consultation, initial design, custom programming, commissioning, training and support in order to deliver the most technologically advanced system.


Centralized Monitoring

Building Automation Systems provide operators a central location to receive building alarms and operating conditions. By utilizing LAN (local area networks) or WAN (wide area networks), multiple workstations can be incorporated.

Remote Alarming

Remote alarming is available through networks, the Internet, e-mail, text messaging and phone modems.

Occupant Trending

A Building Automation System provides scheduling and tracking of after-hours building use to ensure occupant comfort and allows operating costs to be designated to the appropriate cost center.

Fault Detection

Abnormal operating conditions can often be detected and corrected before tenant comfort or safety is compromised.

Building Automation Systems