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Systems Integration

Systems Integration is the process of integrating systems such as HVAC control, environmental monitoring and control, access control, closed circuit television (CCTV), digital video recording systems, elevator control, parking lot supervision, fire alarm monitoring and other building systems into one network.

Why Use Entech?

Entech has maintained an experienced and extensively trained technical staff to support design, implementation, installation and service for many different services and manufacturers since 1981. This team has given Entech the edge in bringing many different pieces of equipment into one system.

What Can Systems Integration Accomplish?

Central Location

Systems Integration provides operators a central location to receive building alarms and operating conditions. By utilizing LAN (local area networks) or WAN (wide area networks), multiple workstations can be incorporated.

Tenant Trending

An automation system provides scheduling and tracking of after-hours building use to ensure tenant comfort and allows operating costs to be designated to the appropriate cost center.

Early Detection

Abnormal operating conditions can often be detected and corrected before tenant comfort or safety is compromised.

Preventative Maintenance

Mechanical systems can be monitored and preventative maintenance scheduled based on run time or other user defined variables.

Precise Control

Digital control systems provide precise control of environmental conditions as well as optimizing operating schedules for mechanical equipment. This will equate to dollar savings through reduced energy consumption.

Access Control Systems

Digital Video Management Systems