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Infant & Asset Protection

Asset protection can help you enhance your asset utilization, boost productivity and protect your people and equipment, whether you run a healthcare campus or operate a specialized research facility. Stop wasting time searching for equipment or people: We make it easy to continuously track and monitor mobile assets throughout your facility.

Precise Information on People and Equipment

By providing real-time information right from your personal computer workstation, a glance at your monitor tells you the exact location of essential equipment and people in your building, on a floor, or even in a specific room. Asset protection continuously updates the position of your tagged assets giving you an accurate, up-to-the-minute record for use in building assets, personnel security, scheduled maintenance, utilization trending, budget allocation, vendor management, regulatory compliance and more.

Hugs Infant Protection

For hundreds of hospitals worldwide, the Hugs® system is the solution of choice to help protect infants from the threat of abduction and mother/infant mismatches—it’s a choice supported by parents, nurses, administrators and security staff alike.

This record that speaks for itself.

  • Over one million babies protected every year
  • Over 30% of new sales are replacing competitive systems
  • Over 99% of all Hugs systems installed since 1998 are still in use

Patient Monitoring