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Energy Management

Entech offers years of experience in Energy Management and Temperature Controls on a myriad of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, from large central plants with variable air volume systems to simple roof top units.

What Can Energy Management Accomplish?

  • Reduce System Operating Costs
  • Maintain Building Temperature and Occupant Comfort
  • Extend Equipment Life Cycles and Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Report and Graph Energy Usage and Building Conditions
  • Monitor HVAC Equipment and Notify via Text Messaging or Email

What Systems Can Entech Offer?

Entech has selected three widely accepted control systems, Schneider Electric (Formerly Andover Controls, TAC), Circon and Tridium Vykon as our preferred vendors. We also service and support systems from Johnson Controls, Delta Controls, Distech and Trane. Each system provides capabilities that allow us to take advantage of closed or open protocol control solutions that can be tailored to specific applications.

  • BACnet
  • Lonworks
  • Modbus
  • N2

How do Energy Management & Temperature Controls Relate to Each Other?

Energy Management and Temperature Controls are closely related. Temperature Control is the process of controlling HVAC equipment to an exact temperature through direct digital control (DDC). Energy Management is a strategy used to control the HVAC system to save energy while maintaining tenant comfort. Energy Management Systems (EMS) accomplish this through the following features.

  • Time of Day Schedules
  • Optimize Start/Stop
  • Night Setback/Setup
  • Report Generation
  • Holiday and Special Events Schedules
  • Energy and Demand Monitoring/Limiting
  • A/C Unit Optimization and Sequencing
  • Alarm Monitoring and Paging / E-mail Notification
  • I really appreciate the great job that the Entech team did for us on Granite Park IV, they did a fantastic job. Working with a controls group that actually follows the schedule and meets deadlines without hesitation and excuses is very rare. I look forward to working with your team on future jobs. Roger Moore Project Manager Don Burden & Associates, Inc.