Video Analytics

Properly configured – video analytics are a powerful tool for your security system. Analytics can often replace your traditional intrusion detection system entirely. Entech uses the most innovative technology in applying analytics to meet your needs.

VideoIQ is the inventor of the best performing, yet simplest, proactive surveillance system available today. Based on award-winning adaptive analytics, VideoIQ provides a suite of powerful, all-in-one systems that deliver superior accuracy, maximum range and self-calibration. The result is powerful, real-time threat detection and video evidence that is cost effective, easy to install, use and manage – whether you need one camera or 1,000.

ObjectVideo is the world's leading provider of intelligent video software for security, public safety, business intelligence, process improvement and other applications.Founded in 1998 by world-renowned scientists and program managers from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and headquartered in Reston, VA, ObjectVideo is a private company backed by leading venture capital partners. The company employs highly-skilled and experienced professionals, more than two-thirds of whom have R&D, engineering or software quality assurance responsibilities.

ioimage intelligent video analytics are field-proven with thousands of deployed units including military bases and borders, nuclear facilities, international airports, legislative buildings, vehicle manufacturing, national landmarks, distribution warehouses, railroads, automobile dealerships, religious institutions, petroleum and critical infrastructures and a wide variety of private sector sites.