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Service Contracts

An Entech Service Contract could be the best decision you make to keep your facilities systems reliable. Scheduled service inspections can result in better control, longer equipment life and fewer alarms while optimizing your systems efficiency. The result could potentially reduce your cost of maintenance and will also allow you better control of your budget throughout the year. With an Entech Service Contract you will receive preferred rates, locally stocked material and a guaranteed response time.

What Types of Service Contracts Are Offered?

One Stop Contracts

  • Want the best pricing?
  • Want one contact phone number for all your service needs?
  • Want to reduce billing issues for your Accounts Payable department?
  • Tired of having to remember what vendor is being used for what service?

Entech has the versatility and expertise to write ONE CONTRACT to cover all your service needs. Our contracts can be written using 100% in house personnel to eliminate subcontractor markups, company to company coordination and mishaps. We write more ONE STOP CONTRACTS than anyone else in our market.

Preventative Maintenance

All equipment benefits from regular maintenance, helping to ensure long and trouble free operation. Entech is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your systems. We offer a wide range of preventative maintenance contract options to suit any requirements. This contract provides inspection, calibration and detailed reports to keep your systems running efficiently.

Full Maintenance

A Full Maintenance Contract will provide customers a fixed maintenance cost with a premium level of service. This type of contract includes regular inspections, emergency service calls and replacement parts.


Any of our contracts can be customized to fit your exact requirements. If you are looking for a “Labor Only” contract or something between a Preventative Maintenance and Full Maintenance, we can customize the contract to fit your needs.