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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring can help extend the life of equipment and increase reliability. Monitoring the environmental conditions will allow you to take proactive steps to correct faulty equipment prior to equipment failure. The problems caused by environmental settings are magnified when data centers are near capacity. Monitoring your environment will get you the early warnings so action can be taken to minimize the impact on network availability. Entech can provide a flexible Ethernet based monitoring system that is capable of sending alerts via email, text messaging or SNMP.

Some Key Areas of Concern Are:


As processor speeds increase the heat generation will increase as well. The emergence of blade servers has rack densities increasing. Early notification of temperature fluctuations is a must to prevent catastrophic failures. Placement of “wired” or “wireless” temperature sensors is critical to avoid temperature fluctuations, detect hot spot.


Relative humidity indicates how much moisture is in the air. High humidity can cause condensation which can damage electrical components and create corrosion over time. Relative humidity levels should be between 45% and 60%. Humidity at low levels can create static electricity problems. Static buildup is likely around 35% and is considered critical at 30%.

Water Detection

Leaks or water spills can spell disaster for a data floor. Water detection can alert you of leaks and flooding as well as A/C unit failures. Water detectors should be placed on the lowest point in the room, under all A/C units or serpentined under the data floor.


Monitoring the fire alarm system or halon detection system can alert facility operators of any pre-action conditions. This could prevent false alarms or data center evacuations.


Power can be monitored from the utility source to the point of use. The following is a list of the types of equipment that will typically be monitored.

  • UPS Systems
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Static Switches
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Backup Generators