Entech’s 23rd Annual Golf Invitational

June 1, 2016

Entech’s 23rd Annual Golf Invitational – April 30, 2016

The day began with a crowd of 135 participants who began showing-up at the sign-in tables bright and early at 6:30 a.m.  The course did a fantastic job getting the course ready for play with all of the recent rain and Mother Nature assisted by providing us one of the best weather days for our golf event in several years.  Although taken by surprise with the early turn-out, our volunteers funneled the attendees through the sign-up process in time for a slightly delayed shotgun start @ 7:55 a.m.  A special thanks goes out to Entech’s volunteers including:  Mary Clare Procailo, Alicia Hoeft, Mary Sprecher, Melissa Calhoun, Melissa Spence and Natalie Procailo.  A thanks also goes out to Olga McKeehan for staging the give-a-ways and assembling the “ditty bag” handouts.

The tournament ran its span of a 4-5 hour round which was great considering the amount of “duffers” on the course.  All were treated to a bar-b-que lunch and brief awards ceremony after their respective rounds.  Top performers include the following:

 1st Place – Old Course                                           1st Place – Lakes Course

Robert Chapman, American Airlines                        Jason Harman, Crocker Crane

Gary Hagen, American Airlines                                   LZ Harman, Crocker Crane

Larry Chapman, Billingsly                                            Mike Jump, Crocker Crane

Jerae Smith, Billingsly                                                   Jeff Wilerson, Crocker Crane

 2nd Place – Old Course                                         2nd Place – Lakes Course

Frank McCann, Entech Sales & Service                     Mike Burnett, Stream Realty

Paul Smith, Salient                                                         Karen Heckmann, Stream Realty

Bobby Free, Texas Health Allen                                   Don Heckmann, Stream Realty

Jeff Constantino, Texas Health Kaufman                  MG Cox, Stream Realty

 3rd Place – Old Course                                          3rd Place – Lakes Course

Sonny Goodwin, Entech Sales & Service                     Ryan Angus, Westin Galleria Dallas

Brian Smith, Entech Sales & Service                            Willie Jenkins, Westin Galleria Dallas

Mark Snyder, Entech Sales & Service                           Patrick Kocher, Westin Galleria Dallas

Brian Broussard, Trane                                                    Rod Phillips, Westin Galleria Dallas

 Closest to the Pin; Hole #4 – Old Course        Closest to the Pin; Hole #11 – Lakes Course

Garry Hagen, American Airlines                                    Don Steil, Entech Sales & Service

 Closest to the Pin; Hole #17 – Old Course       Closest to the Pin; Hole #15 – Lakes Course

Clay Elting, The Beck Group                                            Danny Limon; Entech Sales & Service

Longest Drive; Hole #13 – Old Course               Longest Drive; Hole #17 – Lakes Course

Frank McCann, Entech Sales & Service                         Patrick Coker

For those of you who are unaware, Entech’s annual Golf Invitational is sponsored primarily by our vendors so if you run across any of them in your daily business, please thank them for their support.  Here’s a listing of our 2016 sponsors: ABP, American Hermetics, Belimo, Best Wire & Cable, Central Engineering, Crocker Crane, CSC/Wesco, Dallas Capital Bank, Diversified Wiring Solutions, E-MC Services, Entech Sales & Service, Inc., Hatfield & Company, Higginbotham, HTS, Kele & Associates, McMillan James Equipment, Oslin Nation, PCL Bonding, Salient Systems, Schneider Electric, SFI Coil, Strinco, Superior Trailer, Temperature Controls, Timberlake & Dickson, Trane, Tri-Ed Distribution. Try-Star Cable, TW Davi Construction, Unity Manufacturing, Vicon/IQInvision and Willis.

Thanks to Entech’s 2016 Golf Committee consisting of Jim Hartman, Nick Kollasch, Frank McCann, Mary Clare Procailo, Dan Rice, Randy Teague, Natalie Procailo, Matt Mason and Bret Fuller for another successful tournament.